What does “Blackout the Bush” mean?

1. The ACMA is asking the Minister to terminate all existing 3.6Ghz licenses in Regional Australia, without compensation to the industry or the customers. They are not even requisitioning the businesses, they are simply closing them down. There is no replacement option.

The 3.6Ghz band is used by regional ISP’s to provide enterprise grade broadband services. If this occurs, these critical fixed wireless services will eventually cease. Blackout.

2. The NBN has requested protection from the emerging 5G technologies in Regional Australia. To achieve this, the ACMA is asking the minister to sell all the spectrum in a single lot. This will close off future 5G services to Regional Australia, unless a strong business case exists. Blackout.

Put the two together and we definitely have a regional blackout coming.

The 700Mhz band is a 2017 example of this failed approach

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