Verified vendor solutions.
The following systems have been verified as meeting specifications by the Association members.   SIKLU PTMP 1 Gbps Siklu Multihaul
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WISPAU responses to Draft allocation instrument 3.6 GHz and proposal to refarm 5.6 Ghz weather radar spectrum
ACMA-Response Paper Draft allocation Instrument 3.6GHz.pdf ACMA-Response 5.6 Ghz re-alocation.pdf
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Questions on notice and responses.
A comprehensive list of questions to the ACMA from our Senate. Q0104.pdf This was submitted on the 17 April 2018
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Senate Estimates Recording 27 Feb 2018
Recording from 18:05:30 to 18:17:50
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Minister’s Response received 8 Jan 2018
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WISPAU Formal Response to ACMA 3.6Ghz Regional spectrum selloff.
The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association of Australia, (WiSP-AU – appreciates the opportunity to respond to the ACMA request
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Press Release Government moves to ‘blackout the bush’ with 3.6 gigahertz spectrum fire sale
Wireless Internet Service Provider Association of Australia Government moves to ‘blackout the bush’ with 3.6 gigahertz spectrum fire sale November
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Government $1.9b sell-off may ignite digital bush “blackout”
  The following story was published online in “The Land” on 24 Nov 2017. The Minister’s advisors have commented on
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What does “Blackout the Bush” mean?
1. The ACMA is asking the Minister to terminate all existing 3.6Ghz licenses in Regional Australia, without compensation to the
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WISP America Response
Fake Data from the ACMA? It is worth remembering that the FCC changes will only reduce the number of protected
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  • To provide broad-based representation of the Australian Wireless ISP industry, both nationally and internationally.
  • To enable the direction, measuring and reporting of overall industry strategies for consumer, government and industry stakeholders
  • To broaden public understanding and enhance public regard and confidence in the Wireless ISP Industry.
  • To provide a forum for members on technical and regulatory issues pertaining to the provision of complex wireless internet systems.